Monday, 11 July 2011

British Grand Prix 2011 Analysis: The Alonso Fightback Begins?

After last years British Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso proclaimed he would win the world title. He sat 47 points behind the lead and his claims seemed a little farfetched. Of course Alonso staged an unbelievable comeback and got himself right back in the title race.
De ja vu anyone? Alonso’s Silverstone win was incredible. How he managed to drag some much speed out of the Ferrari showed his true class. Not only did he upset the home favourites Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button but he brushed aside the faster Red Bull cars.
The final four races of the European season will now be vital for Alonso to take the fight to Vettel. The deficit this year is near 100 points so Alonso must remain problem free. The Spaniard should be quick at the Nurgburgring, a track where he has won on two previous occasions. Hungary might be trickier, a circuit where Red Bull typically dominate even though last year Alonso was able to split them. Alonso has never won at Spa, but this year may be the perfect chance to break his duct. He won at Monza last year for Ferrari and should be a good chance for Alonso to take points of Vettel at Ferrari’s home race.
The title is very much a long shot for all of the challengers to Vettel. But Alonso’s win at Silverstone should at least give some hope that Vettel can be caught. While McLaren flounder and Mark Webber struggles to overcome his team mate, it seems Alonso is the only man left to stop Vettel in 2011.